Winter trip #2 - Blanca/Ellingwood Report

Joe Burleson <ab0yc@...>

We drove down, hiked to Como lake and camped on Saturday. Left camp
about 5am on Sunday. We reached the summit of Blanca about 9:30am. I
made a call on 147.20 and 146.52 with no response. We made the summit
of Ellingwood about 11:30am via the connecting ridge. I made a call
on 147.20 and was fortunate to make immediate contact (as he
mentioned) with Bob (K0NR). I kept the QSO brief since it was cold.
It was about 0 deg F and 25mph wind. We got back to camp at 3:30pm,
spent the night, and hiked out on Monday. It snowed about 4-5" Sunday

I posted some pictures. The one shows my friend Tom on the summit of
Ellingwood with Little Bear in the background.