Wyoming mini-DXpedition

Paul Rixon <rixon31337@...>

Hello All,

Well, my Dad just surprised me and invited me on a snowmobiling trip in Wyoming. I know it's a bit aways from Colorado, but I'm going to do some mountaintop DXing while there and just wanted to get teh word out.

We will be in the Bighorn Mountains in Northern Wyoming from February 7-14. I will have an FT-817 and a 220MHz HT. My Dad and I will also be using GMRS (WPSN361) while mobile.

As we get closer to leaving, I'll post a mini schedule. If there is anyone in Northern Colorado with a boom (or any Wyoming stations monitoring this list), I would love to make contact! I'll bring my Arrow if anyone wants to schedule a DX 2M or 440 contact.

The one sad part of this trip is that I had to barter this year's Colorado 14er event in exchange for permission from my XYL to go on this trip. Oh well, I'll be sure to hit 14er '05 with a vengance!!!


DE Paul Kenyon K0DEZ
Kansas City, MO